Residential Wallpaper Services in Raleigh

Chroma Painting is a prominent provider of wallpaper removal for the Triangle area. The pros at Chroma Painting provide residential wallpaper services in Raleigh. We have years of experience in removing wallpaper and can make your patterned walls bare in no time, saving you hours, if not days, of tedious labor. We remove those florals and stripes quickly and clean up the mess too! First we’ll use a cleaning solution to get the glue off, then mud, prime, and paint the walls. When you are tired of that old wallpaper and ready for something new, give us a call.

Love the funky patterns and personality of wallpaper? Then we’re here to support your vision by applying wallpaper to your complex. After deciding on your favorite pattern, we can start right away with application. Getting trapped air bubbles is an all too familiar problem for anyone without lots of wallpapering experience. These bubbles give your walls a wrinkled look and ultimately shortens the life of your beautiful new wallpaper. Call the experts here at Chroma to ensure smooth, long-lasting wallpaper.

Why Hire CHROMA Painting?

We can handle any wallpaper project. You tell us what your vision, and we take it from there. We utilize a 5-step approach that guarantees the best results each and every time we take on any wallpaper project.

The Chroma Process

1. Setup

Before we start your removal or application, we take the steps necessary to protect your flooring, furniture and other items. This includes covering the floor with drop cloths and moving all items to the center of the floor where we cover them with plastic sheeting.

2. Preparation

Next, our team of wallpaper experts prepares the walls to ensure no dirt, debris, or air bubbles get trapped. If you’re having your paper removed, we will remove it without any damage, then dissolve any remaining glue, and prepare the walls for your new paint.

3. Painting

Once the room is properly prepared, we get right down to business applying the paper or paint you have chosen. The room will begin to take on a new life.

4. Clean Up

After the paint or glue has dried, we remove our materials and move everything back to where you request. Then we’ll vacuum and sweep your floors to ensure the room is as clean, if not cleaner, than before we started your wallpaper project.

5. Inspection

Finally, we inspect our wallpaper carefully, making sure corners and colors are perfect. Once we’re satisfied, we’ll ask you to perform an inspection to make sure our work has exceeded your expectations.