Commercial Sheetrock Services in Raleigh

Not only can we repair your existing Sheetrock, we can even hang new Sheetrock in your commercial building if needed. Sheetrock is easily damaged, especially when hanging things and drilling into it. That’s where we come in as sheetrock heroes and save your walls from any potential disasters.

We always aim to make it look natural as if the wall was never damaged. Your home is in great hands with Chroma Painting’s experienced drywall repair professionals. Hanging sheetrock can be messy, and we make sure that there is no mess after the completion of the project.

Sheetrock is probably surrounding you right now. Many people ask what’s the difference between Sheetrock and drywall. A similar question to what is Kleenex versus a tissue? Sheetrock is a name brand much like Kleenex, and drywall is the same product, just without a brand name. Either way, it’s very fragile and repairs are needed consistently. Between slinging open doors, moving furniture, and hanging pictures, Sheetrock isn’t people proof and will get damaged. Let us get your Sheetrock back to 100%!

Why Hire CHROMA Painting?

We can handle Sheetrock repairs and installations. You tell us what you want done, and we will take it from there. We utilize a 5-step approach that guarantees the best results each and every time we take on any new project.