Commercial Exterior Painting Services

Chroma Painting offers commercial exterior painting services covering large-scale projects such as restaurants, office buildings, stores, and more. While apartment, condo and HOA’s are residential in nature, commercial painters also work on these multi-family residences. If you need to brighten up the interior or exterior of your business with fresh paint, or have an apartment building that needs an updated look, you can trust Chroma Painting to offer reliable, professional service.

Chroma painters are highly skilled at updating the interior and exterior of businesses, plus have experience working with general contractors and HOA’s. We can even provide accurate quotes off blueprints before the building is erected. For your office, apartment complex, retail store, restaurant, or church, call us for an honest quote for the following services: Exterior Painting, Interior Painting, Homeowner Association (HOA) Painting, Hotel Remodeling Painting, New Drywall Painting, Power Washing, Decorative or Logo Painting, Church Painting, Condo Association Painting, Multi-Unit Apartment Exterior Painting, and much more.

If you are looking to complete a multi-family painting project, working with an HOA, or painting a business, Chroma Painting can complete your project.

Why Hire CHROMA Painting?

We can handle any exterior commercial painting project. You tell us your vision, and we take it from there. We utilize a 5-step approach that guarantees the best results every time we take on an interior house painting project.

The Chroma Process

1. Setup

Before we start painting, we take the steps necessary to protect any railings, trim, or other items.

2. Preparation

Next, our team of exterior painting professionals prepares all surfaces so at the end, they will look as good as new. This step may also include wiping down siding, sealing stains, or scuff sanding the surface.

3. Painting

Once everything is properly prepared, it is time to prime and to begin the painting process. Your building will begin to take on a new life.

4. Clean Up

After the paint has dried, we remove our materials and move everything back to where you request.

5. Inspection

Finally, we inspect our exterior painting work after each project. Once we’re satisfied, we’ll then ask you to perform an inspection to make sure our work has exceeded your expectations.