Epoxy Floor Services in Raleigh

At Chroma Painting, we offer epoxy coating servies in Raleigh as well as a variety of industrial specialty coatings. Industrial site specialty coating application and preparation projects can include bridges, warehouses, offshore sites, or buildings like schools or office buildings. These specialty coatings preparation projects present complex challenges, but with we can complete your industrial coating project — exceeding your expectations, easing your daily operations, and ensuring the safety of your building, machinery, employees, and customers.

Epoxy coatings continue to be one of the more popular coating solutions for commercial and industrial sites. However, urethane coating (or polyurethane finish) is still regarded by many as the most reliable and cost-effective choice when it comes to a high-quality topcoat. Urethane coatings are better able to resist scratch, impact, and abrasion. It also provides excellent protection against environmental corrosion like UV rays, rain, snow, etc.

Urethane coating for metals presents a thin film, high gloss finish with outstanding weathering performance characteristics. This coating is used in practically all manufacturing markets to provide a smooth, long-lasting finish that has better resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and chemical exposure. Companies can save up to 30% of annual corrosion costs if they spend the money and invest in quality coatings. Without proper coatings, corrosion can damage expensive production equipment.

Benefits of coating your metal equipment include:

Reducing accidents. Work-related accidents cost the US $250 billion every year. A lot of those incidents are caused by faulty work equipment. Being corrosion-free significantly reduces the risk of accidents.

Saving time. In the event your equipment does falter due to corrosion, repairing it will take time. Once operations stop, the delay in production will also mean profit losses.

Reducing costs. 30% of costs caused by corrosion can be avoided by applying existing knowledge on corrosion protection such as coatings.

Why Hire CHROMA Painting?

We can handle any industrial coating project. You tell us your vision, and we take it from there. We utilize a 5-step approach that guarantees the best results each and every time we take on an industrial coating project.