Cabinet Painting & Refinishing Services

We at Chroma painting take our cabinet painting projects seriously. We strive for excellence and deliver the highest level of craftsmanship. Some painting services require a total cabinet overhaul, starting from the ground up and replacing the wood. We also offer cost savings with a simple repainting job on your cabinets if you don’t want a complete reconstruction. The choice is always yours, and we work with you to find the best solution for your vision!

Chroma Painting will work with you to create cabinets that you can be excited to see no matter the color you’re looking for.  We are here to share our knowledge with you so that you can make the best possible choice for your room. Did you know that using a semi-gloss finish will give your cabinets a stylish look and makes them simple to clean? Did you also know that paint takes weeks to settle? We are here to guide you towards where YOU want to go.

Heirloom Furniture can be sacred, as they are special pieces of your family heritage. At Chroma, we honor the legacy of the furniture, while also supporting you in keeping the piece of furniture updated and fresh. We can even assist you with relatively new furniture that just needs a touch-up.

Our cabinet, built-in storage, and shelf painting and refreshing services include the following: Kitchen cabinets, Kitchen islands, Bathroom cabinets, Built-in shelving, Closet storage, Laminate cabinets, MDF cabinets, Solid wood cabinets, Framed cabinets, Frameless cabinets, Base cabinets, Wall cabinets, Tall cabinets, Cabinet drawers, Cabinet doors and more!

Why Hire CHROMA Painting?

We can handle any interior residential painting project. You tell us your vision, and we take it from there. We utilize a 5-step approach that guarantees the best results each and every time we take on an interior house painting project.

The Chroma Process

1. Setup

Before we start painting, we take the steps necessary to protect your flooring, furniture, and other items. This includes covering the floor with drop cloths and moving all items to the center of the floor where we cover them with plastic sheeting.

2. Preparation

Next, our team of painting professionals prepares the walls and ceilings so at the end, they will look as good as new. This step may also include sealing stains, scuff sanding the surface, and filling holes and cracks in the wall.

3. Painting

Once the room is properly prepared, it is time to prime and to begin the painting process. We get right down to business applying the paint you have chosen. Your space will begin to take on a new life.

4. Clean Up

After the paint has dried, we remove our materials and move everything back to where you request. Then we’ll vacuum and sweep your floors to ensure the room is as clean, if not cleaner, than before we started your interior painting project.

5. Inspection

Finally, we inspect our interior painting work after each project. Once we’re satisfied, we’ll then ask you to perform an inspection to make sure our work has exceeded your expectations.